Kolas Trio, Róisín Tuohy & Stéphan André Music @ Burritoville, Mtl.

April 19th, 2014

Awesome Acoustic show – Spectacle Acoustique #1 w/ Kolas Trio, Róisín Tuohy & Stéphan André Music at Burritoville, presented by Cath.A.Strophic Productions.

Cath.A.Strophic Productions is an event company based in Montreal. With Catherine Brunet at the wheel of the ship for over 7 years, they signed many events, festivals, including the Montreal Emergenza Festival.
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Adam Geraldi Photography, aka Slave To The Grave Photography, captured the artists – View Gallery
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Kolas Trio is composed with Francis Viau on the bass, Thomas Swaenepoel on the percussions and Kolas with the harmonica and guitar. Music blends between the funky bass, the bluesy guitar and the african american percussions and drums. Kolas is a singer/songwriter/one man band.
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Róisín Tuohy is a 21 year old singer/songwriter, originally from Edinburgh. With influences as Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, James Brown, etc. Róisín currently lives in Montréal.
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Stéphan André Music is a self taught singer of 15 years, and a self taught guitar player of 12 years. He has been composing original music for several years, and has recently helped further along his new band “Gatling” for which he sings, and occasionally plays leads guitar. Stéphan currently lives in Toronto.
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Burrito Ville is a Mexican inspired cuisine set in a charming, three-story mansion on Bishop street in Montréal.
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