Jah-Yey ‘Lavi Son’w Lekol’

Jah-Yey returns to Club Balattou!
Celebrating 1st anniversary album ‘Lavi Son’w Lekol’ Hosted by Donald LeBlanc.

October 20th, 2013
The story – Late May 2013, Jah-Yey submitted to an audition for Zoom 42 and was selected as one of three acts to perform for an event entitled Vodka Orange. In June, After their performance at the audition, held at Theatre Plaza, we had the pleasure to interview Jah-Yey with an introduction to their debut album, Lavi Son’w Lekol (Life is a school). It was apparent, his passion for the music and his love for people, through world beat derived from homeland Haiti.
Preparing for the main event in August, we had ‘Rencontre avec les artistes’ at ESB, in which we detailed aspect from technical to artistic direction and marketing plans. Our mrk team concluded, Jah-Yey delivers his music forming; a messenger. Stories from the heart & homeland.
Hottest of nights in mid-July, Jah-Yey performed in Festival Nuit d’Afrique at the Cabaret Mile End. Perfect to sit back & enjoy the show. Couldn’t help but to move and dance in the atmosphere of celebration! Enter Zoom42 Vodka Orange at Theatre Plaza. Filled with family, friends and colleagues, everyone played important part in producing our successful event.

Here at Club Balattou, warm reception with charming circle of friends who came to support and celebrate the music of Jah-Yey. The band and host of the night Donald LeBlanc entertained, engaging with the audience, as we are… friends.

I have always wondered about the stories and messages behind the artists and their songs.
LRC – With a sense of celebration, the lyrics in FAN’M KREYOL, and it’s video is sung in Creole. Can you help by translating what your fans comment as ‘the description of a true Caribbean woman’?
JAH-YEY – A good Caribbean woman is proud of herself, she know who she is.
So many of them are smart, strong, successful and independent women, who just want a man but don’t need him.
So what can I say, a good Caribbean woman knows her past, understands her present and moves toward the future.
My Mom is a Caribbean woman and she’s the greatest. She raised me and my sister by herself.

More photos courtoisie Hubert

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