Congrats to MTL ZOO, celebrating their first anniversary! More than 40 Montreal artists’ work on display, from illustrators, painters, sculptors, installation and graffiti artists. The exhibition is held at Galerie l’Agora, Cégep du Vieux Montreal, from October 1st to October 11th, 2013.

About MTL ZOO – Co-founders; Fonki Yav and Olivier Bonnard
– brings together and promotes artists from Montreal through diverse artistic mediums.
Through exhibitions and events, MTL ZOO aims to facilitate exchanges in ideas and artistic techniques; building bridges between various disciplines.
– promeut et regroupe des artistes montréalais à travers différentes forme d’art.
Par le biais d’expositions et d’évènements, MTL ZOO a pour but de favoriser un partage d’idées et de techniques ainsi que de créer un pont entre les différentes disciplines.

First anniversary event is in collaboration with Elementality, SAC, Empty Can, Decover and Cégep du Vieux Montréal. The teaser for the exhibition;

October 1st, 2013
The story – Artists inspire artists! I met Earth Crusher back in June 2012 at YES Art Expo, Montreal Science Centre, Old Port MTL. Followed his social throughout the past year. Bumped into him a couple weeks ago at the Greenlight Gallery, I was promoting ZOOM42 Vodka Orange. I had promised to make it to his next exposition. MTL ZOO was the event.

Music is my sector, yet inspired by the arts since my youngest daughter Megan began creating, therefore encouragement, expression in all forms. Discovering new mediums, we all benefit from inspiration.
Entering Galerie l’Agora, I spotted & literally ran to greet Jean Olivier Laguerre! His recent event, l’exposition d’oeuvre d’art, showcasing artists at Espace Cercle Carré. We both collaborated on ZOOM41 and timing was rare to catch up since spring. Also bumped into collegue Valérie Gaudreau, very cool! Along with friends John Lanthier -artist/illustrator/Guitart, Dwight Berg -musician/Guitart and Gordon Howard -musician, all impressed with visions of color and craft on display!

What a pleasure to meet and communicate with DJ Positive, Fonki 514, Macs Mos, Empty Can and artist/co-founder Olivier Bonnard. There is an energy DJ Positive & Fonki 514 has, you couldn’t pass up! I asked Fonki for a brief on street art and graffiti. Definitely would like more info for future post!
Empty Can – not just a brand for Montreal skate, surf, and snow board, it’s lifestyle. Co-founders; Olivier Bonnard, Antoine Gaumont, Charles Robitatlle and Jeremie Tremblay.
Concluding, Earth Crusher… see you at the next event!

Visit – MTL ZOO
Empty Can
Earth Crusher

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